Bring on the Autumn!

Bring on the Autumn!

It's 4.15 pm I’m drinking a cappuccino with a book by my side and my spiced orange candle lit. (if you know me you'll know this is a favourite!)


The last day of my week off! Did I go away…. No! I’ve just had- what is known as a staycation (a real one  in my own home) not off in a holiday home in the UK, I still don’t think that qualifies.           


Anyway, I’ve had a week not working. I’ve had a week of jobs and ticked all of them off, summer clothes are now in my suitcase. I mean if it does get warm, I will hardly be popping my sundress on (as lovely as that Amazing Woman Linen is!) Kitchen cupboards were cleaned and tidied, and yes that has given me a sense of achievement.



Anyway, I did manage to escape, we had a trip to Croft Castle, I wore my newly rewaxed and faithful Barbour jacket. It's about ten years old and a great wardrobe basic, nothing to date and looks better with age.

I wore my NYDJ jeans- just the best fit ever. And I’ve lived in mine most of the week. If there was ever an item to invest in it would be these, worth the money without a doubt.


A trip to Hay-On-Wye gave my Cream coloured Summum trousers a trip out which is brave considering I took my dog with us! But I felt fab and comfortable. Currently, all the bloggers are wearing light-coloured trousers as we make that transition from September into Autumn. (I'll be getting the Autumn decorations out soon!)


I love the Muted tone of these, they add a hint of Halloween to my kitchen without all the spiders and skeletons!

So now back to work to look at all the new lovely knitwear. Lots of planning, for the fashion show and getting ready for the next phase... Christmas. But we won’t go into that now, far too many cosy times to look forward to before then: walks in the forest, comfort foods, weekends away so get planning and make sure you are wardrobe ready too.           

                                  Here to help as always, Melissa.  






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