Packing for the ‘le grande’ weekend

Packing for the ‘le grande’ weekend

Embarking on a trip to Paris is always a delightful dilemma – what to pack for three nights in the City of Lights? No rucksack for me; a medium-sized case is the perfect companion. After all, why leave behind all those lovely clothes?

Thankfully, we're traveling on the Eurostar, so the medium case gets the green light! I've already picked out a chic long-line gilet in cream – easy, light, and perfect for both travel and sightseeing. Let's just hope I can avoid any coffee spills on day one!

I've also packed my Mama B jumper in cream, sticking with light colors for that fresh, springtime vibe. And to add a pop of color, I've thrown in a multi-colored scarf – soft, light, and the perfect accessory.

But the pièce de résistance? A cream suit that I simply couldn't resist. With its long, wide-leg trousers, matching jacket, and sleek black cami underneath, it's practically begging to be worn for a fancy dinner. Though I might need to keep an apron handy – elegance can sometimes be a messy affair, right?

And let's not forget about footwear! I'll be traveling in my trusty black Bugatti boots –comfortable and stylish, the perfect combo.

Of course, no trip to Paris is complete without the perfect bag. Enter my versatile Elie Beaumont bag – worn cross-body for safety (fingers crossed!) and spacious enough to hold all the essentials: glasses, passport, purse, and of course, lipstick. Plus, it comes with a thin strap for added convenience (and can double up as an evening bag).

For evenings, I've packed an Eb&Ive fitted black tube dress – a timeless classic that pairs perfectly with the cross-body bag. And for those chilly Parisian nights, my Amazing Woman poncho will provide just the right amount of warmth and style.

And let's not forget about the essentials – Falke tights and socks, because if you know, you know.

I'm feeling incredibly fortunate that my eldest daughter invited me along as her plus one for this weekend getaway. It's sure to be a weekend filled with unforgettable memories.

Now, the only question left is: just how many croissants can one justify for breakfast? But hey, when in Paris, indulgence is practically mandatory, right?

Here's to a weekend of adventure, laughter, and plenty of croissants. À bientôt, Paris!

Will let you all know if I have overpacked.

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